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Can you go from RPL to CPL?

Yes, it is possible to go from RPL (Recreational Pilot Licence) to CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) in Australia, but it requires additional training and qualifications.

RPL is a basic pilot license that allows pilots to fly for recreational purposes, such as pleasure flights and local area flying. To obtain a CPL, pilots must complete additional training and meet specific requirements set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

To transition from RPL to CPL, pilots must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Private Pilot Licence (PPL): To become eligible for CPL training, pilots must first obtain a PPL, which is a higher-level pilot license that allows pilots to fly for private purposes. The PPL requires additional training and qualifications beyond the RPL.
  2. Meet the CPL requirements: To be eligible for CPL training, pilots must meet the specific requirements set by CASA, including a minimum age of 18 years, a minimum of 200 hours of total flight time, and specific flight experience requirements.
  3. Complete CPL training: CPL training is typically conducted by flight training schools or organizations and involves classroom instruction, flight simulator training, and flight training in a single-engine aircraft. The training covers advanced topics such as commercial flight planning, navigation, and advanced flight maneuvers.
  4. Pass the CPL flight test: Once the CPL training is complete, pilots must pass a CPL flight test administered by a CASA-approved examiner.
  5. Obtain a CPL: After passing the CPL flight test, pilots can apply for a CPL through CASA.

Overall, the transition from RPL to CPL requires additional training, qualifications, and flight experience, but it is possible for pilots who are committed to advancing their aviation careers.

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