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Does RPL affect GPA?

In Australia, RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) does not directly affect GPA (Grade Point Average), as it is not a traditional form of assessment.

RPL is a process used to assess the skills and knowledge that you have already gained through work or other experiences and to determine whether you have met the requirements for a particular qualification. The outcome of the RPL assessment is generally the awarding of credits towards the qualification, based on the evidence you provide.

Unlike traditional assessments, such as exams or assignments, RPL does not involve the assignment of grades or the calculation of a GPA. However, if you are using RPL to gain credits towards a qualification, these credits may be included in your overall record of study and may contribute towards your final qualification.

It is important to check with your chosen training provider or RPL assessor to determine how RPL credits will be recorded and how they may contribute towards your overall qualification.

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