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How do I know if my degree is Recognised in Australia?

To know if your degree is recognized in Australia, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) website: The AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australia. It provides a guide to the level of qualification and the quality of education and training. The AQF website has a search function where you can check if your overseas qualification is recognized in Australia.
  2. Contact the institution where you wish to study or work: The institution may have its own policies and requirements for recognition of overseas qualifications. They may be able to provide information on whether your qualification is recognized and any additional requirements for admission.
  3. Contact a professional or regulatory body: Some professions in Australia are regulated and require specific qualifications or levels of training. You can check with the relevant professional or regulatory body for your field to determine if your qualification is recognized and what additional requirements may be necessary.
  4. Use the Country Education Profiles: The Department of Education and Training provides Country Education Profiles for many countries. These profiles provide information on the education systems of different countries and can be useful in determining the recognition of your overseas qualification.

It is important to note that recognition of overseas qualifications in Australia can be a complex process, and it may be necessary to provide additional documentation or undertake additional training to meet Australian requirements.

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