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How do you write a list of qualifications?

When writing a list of qualifications, it’s important to include the key information about each qualification in a clear and concise manner. Here are some steps you can follow to write a list of qualifications:

  1. Begin with your most recent and relevant qualification and work backwards. For example, if you have a university degree, start with that and then list any other qualifications in reverse chronological order.
  2. Include the full name of the qualification, the institution that awarded it, and the date it was awarded.
  3. Be specific about the level of the qualification, such as whether it is a degree, diploma, certificate, or other type of qualification.
  4. If applicable, include any specializations or majors within the qualification.
  5. Highlight any academic achievements, such as honors or awards, that you received while earning the qualification.
  6. Consider adding a brief description of the skills or knowledge gained from the qualification, particularly if they are relevant to the job or career you are pursuing.
  7. Use bullet points to make the list easy to read and to highlight each qualification.

Here’s an example of what a list of qualifications might look like:


  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing, XYZ University, 2021
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing, ABC College, 2019
  • Certificate in Social Media Marketing, DEF Institute, 2018


  • Google Ads Certification, 2020
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification, 2019

By following these steps, you can create a clear and concise list of your qualifications that will help you showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers or clients.

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