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How Does Recognition of Prior Learning Work

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process used to assess and recognize an individual’s skills, knowledge, and experience gained through formal, non-formal, and informal learning. Here is how RPL typically works:

  1. Identify the qualification or credential: The first step in RPL is to identify the qualification or credential for which an individual is seeking recognition of prior learning.
  2. Eligibility assessment: The individual is assessed to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria for RPL. This may include requirements such as previous work experience, completed courses, or relevant certifications.
  3. Evidence collection: The individual gathers evidence to support their prior learning claims. This can include work samples, certificates, references, and other documentation.
  4. Assessment process: An RPL assessor reviews the evidence provided by the individual and compares it to the learning outcomes and competency standards of the qualification. The assessor may also conduct additional assessments, such as interviews, observations, or workplace assessments, to verify the individual’s skills and knowledge.
  5. Decision and feedback: Based on the evidence and assessments, the assessor makes a decision about the extent to which the individual’s prior learning can be recognized towards the qualification or credential. The individual receives feedback on the assessment outcome and any credit or exemptions granted.
  6. Credit transfer: If credit is granted, the individual can apply for credit transfer towards the qualification or credential. This may involve completing any remaining courses or assessments required to obtain the qualification or credential.

RPL is designed to recognize the skills, knowledge, and experience individuals have gained through formal, non-formal, and informal learning, regardless of how, where, or when it was acquired. The process is designed to be fair, transparent, and based on evidence, providing individuals with an opportunity to obtain formal recognition for the skills and experience they have acquired.

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