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What is an RPL interview?

An RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) interview is an assessment method used to gather evidence of an individual’s prior learning and experience. The interview is conducted by a qualified assessor and is designed to provide an opportunity for the individual to discuss and provide evidence of their skills and knowledge in a particular field.

During the RPL interview, the assessor will ask questions about the individual’s prior learning and experience and may request that the individual provide additional evidence, such as work samples, references, or certifications. The interview may also involve a skills assessment or demonstration, where the individual is asked to perform specific tasks or activities to demonstrate their competence in a particular area.

The purpose of the RPL interview is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s skills and knowledge and to determine if they meet the requirements for a particular qualification or certification. The interview process may vary depending on the qualification being sought, and the assessment criteria used by the assessing body.

It is important to note that the RPL interview is just one method of assessing prior learning and experience, and may be combined with other assessment methods, such as portfolio reviews or skills assessments, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s skills and knowledge.

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