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What is recognition of prior learning assessment

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment is the process of evaluating and validating an individual’s prior learning and experience to determine the extent to which it meets the requirements for a particular qualification or credential.

RPL assessment typically involves a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s skills, knowledge, and experience, through a combination of assessment methods, such as interviews, portfolio assessments, workplace assessments, and examinations. The assessment is carried out by qualified assessors who are trained to recognize and evaluate prior learning.

The RPL assessment process is tailored to the individual’s specific circumstances and may vary depending on the qualification or credential being sought. The assessment criteria are based on the learning outcomes and competency standards of the qualification or credential. The aim of the assessment is to determine the extent to which the individual’s prior learning and experience aligns with the learning outcomes and competency standards of the qualification.

Upon successful completion of the RPL assessment, the individual may be awarded credit towards the qualification or credential, or may be granted the qualification or credential outright, depending on the policies and procedures of the awarding organization. RPL assessment provides individuals with an opportunity to gain recognition for their prior learning and experience, which can be used to enhance their career prospects and opportunities for further education and training.

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