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What is recognition of prior learning RPL

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process used to assess an individual’s prior learning and experience, regardless of how, where, or when it was acquired, and determine how it can be recognized towards a formal qualification.

The purpose of RPL is to acknowledge the skills, knowledge, and competencies a person has acquired through formal and informal learning, including work experience, volunteering, hobbies, and life experience. By recognizing prior learning, individuals can avoid duplication of learning, shorten the duration of their education, and gain recognition for the skills they have already acquired.

RPL can be used in various contexts, such as education and training, employment, and immigration. In education and training, RPL allows individuals to gain credits towards a qualification or to skip some courses. In employment, RPL can be used to match an individual’s skills to a job requirement or to offer them a promotion. In immigration, RPL can be used to assess an individual’s eligibility for a job or to determine their educational qualifications.

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