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What is RPL Certificate?

A Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) certificate is a document that recognizes an individual’s prior learning and experience, which may have been acquired through formal or informal means. RPL is a process that assesses an individual’s existing knowledge and skills against a particular set of learning outcomes, which can be used to gain recognition for a particular qualification or competency.

RPL is designed for individuals who have acquired knowledge and skills through non-formal or informal learning experiences, such as on-the-job training, self-study, volunteering, or life experiences. RPL allows individuals to receive credit for their prior learning, which can help them save time and money in achieving their educational or career goals.

The RPL certificate is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the RPL process and demonstrated their knowledge and skills against the required learning outcomes. The certificate may be recognized by employers, educational institutions, and professional associations, as a valid form of credentialing.

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