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What is RPL?

RPL means Recognition of Prior Learning which is a process of assessing and recognizing the skills, knowledge, and experience that an individual has gained through informal and non-formal learning experiences such as work experience, voluntary work, hobbies, or self-directed study. RPL provides individuals with the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge recognized and assessed against the requirements of a particular qualification, which can help them to gain formal recognition for their learning and achieve their career aspirations.

The RPL process involves a range of assessment methods, including interviews, observations, workplace assessments, and portfolio assessments. The aim is to gather evidence of the individual’s learning, and to determine whether it meets the requirements of a particular qualification or standard. If the evidence meets the requirements, the individual may be awarded credit towards the qualification or standard, which can reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete the qualification.

RPL is widely used in vocational education and training, higher education, and in industry and professional contexts. It is an important tool for promoting lifelong learning, and for recognizing the value of informal and non-formal learning experiences.

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