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What is the RPL qualification?

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning, which is a process of recognizing an individual’s prior learning, skills, and knowledge, regardless of where or how they were acquired, and using that to award a qualification.

Through the RPL process, an individual can demonstrate their competence and skills in a particular field, without having to undergo formal training or assessment. The RPL process allows individuals to receive recognition for skills and knowledge gained through previous work experience, volunteer work, life experience, or other non-formal learning experiences.

An RPL qualification is the result of a successful RPL assessment, where the individual has provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a particular field. An RPL qualification is equivalent to a qualification obtained through formal training and is recognized by employers and educational institutions as evidence of competence in the relevant field.

RPL qualifications can be obtained in a wide range of fields, from trade qualifications to higher education degrees. They can also be used to obtain credit towards a higher level qualification or to upgrade a current qualification to a higher level.

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